Mixed-Use Land Company

Building a new way can benefit the environment

Land is a solution for many things

Realty MLC is Mixed-Use Land Company

Land is the giver of life we inspire and network with people interested in developing it.

We publish information and resources to inspire people to make better use of it. We have a great need to create more affordable housing and use land in a more efficient way. There are all kinds of new ways to do this than ever before. On our website we have articles and plans to build tiny homes and energy solutions to help people do this. We do articles on companies offering services and products that help and inspire people. Building on a new way can benefit the environment and create a better place for everyone. Land is a solution for many things the air you breathe, the food you eat and place to live is what everyone needs. Why not do this in a more logical way?

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ECO Scouts

A multigenerational ECO Organization. An organization promoting nature and sustainable living.

Land Blog

Flooding, fires, and other catastrophes will be on the rise. find out about safe places to live and build.

ECO Plans and ideas

We have a plan to start from the ground up. Buy land. Learn about ideas and build plans to help you.

Weather change problems and climate events can happen anywhere. Flooding, fires, and other catastrophes will be on the rise. We help people find safe places to live and build in the future. Climate change is here is our focus. What we are publishing is sources and solutions to deal with it. What makes sense to our organization is building on and protecting nature. The American Dream of home ownership is beyond most people these days. People work for many years now just to be able to buy their first home. When they do at the current market rate some find all they bought themselves into is a form of monetary slavery. The house owns them and not the other way around. We have a plan to start from the ground up. Buy land first. Almost anywhere you are buying some land can be as much as buying a new car. If you can get by with the transportation you have now then buying land can be a better investment than you can ever imagine. Plus have a place to grow, build and build financial freedom.

About Land

The main idea is to use land as a plan B so people can have a place to go to with the optimal change of surviving and and prospering in a changing world and climate.

Tiny Homes

Home owners and people looking to connect with Home Improvement companies. Call us anytime and learn how we can help companies and people with services or join the website


Any company that wants a great website. We have a plans to get you started. We are a Publishing Company in Oregon. Our focus is on ECO and Land Development. Join our site to learn more and connect.