Make America Greater than ever

America has lots of undeveloped land. If American citizens bought raw land it could change everything. For one thing America unlike Mexico you do not have to be a citizen to buy realty. This is bad. The key to stopping global warming is carbon sequestration. Raw land does that but if it is developed like a city it does not. The future of America is in the hands of owners of property. There is not enough housing for Americans in America now. Letting anyone or any company in the world buy here take away America from American citizens is a mistake. Companies buy land to make money and rent or sell it to others. American citizens should be owners of land to put a roof over their heads. Many are stuck in a system where they will rent for part or most their lives. Especially people that do not have money in their family or are low income. That means a whole generation of children growing up now. They will be in world that the people before them that caused a multitude of problems that will never experience the American Dream. Or normal life as we know it now. If they were to form land development organizations. People could chose their neighbors and create planed communities with a lager purpose. Lots could be sold for the same cost of a car payment or tax property tax payment on a conventional home. This could be a great way for young investors or people that can not afford to buy a home. Others that have real estate could leverage their existing property increasing their really portfolio. Keeping land in the hands of people is assurance the the future of America is in the hands of real people not profiteering companies and foreign companies. The goal is to create a way that realty is within reach to everyone willing to work and invest. Developing community addressing climate migration will be in the path of progress if the land is in a safer place more resistant to the effects of climate change. Climate migration is happening now and will continue from years to come. Even insurance companies are pulling out of insuring property all over the United States. This means if you can not insure it you will not get a loan on it. Change is happening fast and building from the ground up is a way that people could survive and prosper in this new era of change. Already climate change is on track to cost as much more than wars.