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  • Homesteader’s Cabin


    The 12X24 foot long Homesteader’s Cabin has a 12/12 rooftop and loft which provides a sufficient second-floor living area for bedding and more. Or, can enable a high ceiling for the first floor. For access to the second floor, use a ladder or spiral staircase. Note that most tiny homes use ladders because regular stairs occupy too much space. However, a spiral staircase is unique and doesn’t require as much area. The first floor may accommodate a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, and closet. The plans show detailed dimensions for various views of the tiny house. Also, there are elevations displayed. In conclusion, a nice-sized tiny home with a cool aesthetic exterior.

  • The Free tiny house


    There are tiny home options in sizes, lofts, 1 and 2 stories, 1- and 2-bedroom spaces, styles, and designs. In addition, the plans contain photos to assist in storage ideas and interior decorating. Indulge and erect these cozy tiny spaces yourself ensuring hands-on control and saving money.

  • The Lookout Cabin


    The smart 2-story 460 square foot cabin is designed by architect Dan O’Connell. It’s a quaint tiny retreat that can easily fit a narrow lot and has lots of views because there are windows on all sides of the house. Firstly, this tiny house boasts a living area, kitchenette, and powder bathroom on the first floor.

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  • Website Support or Development – 1 hour of time


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